Fun Little Toys – 61 Inches Halloween Cocoon Corpse Decoration with Sound


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Hanging Out All Around: The Halloween cocoon corpse straight from the tombs of the freakiest pharaohs is roaming the roads, looking for a place to rest – and enjoys “hanging out” all around the house. Animatronic Excitement: This cocoon corpse is easy to excite. Bound to bring fright & delight wherever it decides to hang out that night, friends and family are promised to feel the excitement when the Halloween cocoon corpse shakes from left to right as someone walks by. Effortless Assembly: This cocoon corpse makes for an easy time when decorating for the festivities. Designed with a simple lanyard system, pick up the lightweight and portable decoration and hang it from any hook, or nail throughout the house. Glowing & Ghoulish: Halloween hanging decorations don’t always shine, but this freaky friend lights up the night with eyes that glow and flash bright, white lights from its undead eyes! Requiring only 3 AA Batteries, not included in the purchase.